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Change from the inside out Fit for your assignment

Christ, the Church and Mental Illness

Suicide, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem… these are all detrimental issues plaguing many in our society. How is the church to deal with these issues? Listen in as Pastor Charles and Pastor Reina dig into these important and help provide direction.

The Shift

Many times in life we take matters into our own hands believing that we can manage whatever has come our way. However, when the unexpected arises, we realize that there are things we cannot control. If we are going to thrive past those tumultuous times, we are going to need a “SHIFT” in circumstance that only God can provide!

Marketplace Christianity

How do we reach a generation with the authenticity of the Gospel while remaining relevant, approachable, and vibrant? Listen carefully as these men and woman of God tackle some of these tough issues.